The age of the overshare



If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know quite a bit about me. I don’t really hold too much back. What you see is what you get, and all that jazz. I can be honest, and often painfully so. Is that a product of who I am, or the generation I grew up in though? I live in the land of overshare, where every meal we consume, every thought we have, every place we visit, often to an excrutiating degree is documented online. We have foursquare to check in, instagram to post obnoxious pictures filtered to within an inch of their lives, twitter and facebook to get on our soapboxes, and blogs for when our thoughts exceed 140 characters.

And I have an account on each network, and more than one blog. I even have a separate blog for my WEDDING (shameless self promotion for the win?). And while my blogs have fallen into a state of disrepair from lack of use, my poor facebook and instagram have not suffered the same fate in recent months.

I am a product of my generation. But I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing either. I don’t post/say anything online that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. I definitely don’t post things online that would get me in trouble with my employer. And I always check with people before I post pictures of them online to make sure they are okay with me posting them. And if they’re not okay with it, I don’t post it. Its as simple as that.

Not everyone is like me though, and I get that, which is why I stay diligent in what kind of pictures I allow people to take of me, and how drunk I allow myself to get around people. You can never be too careful, especially around people you don’t know that well.  Even if someone takes it down, nothing is ever completely deleted from the internet, and everything can be found with enough digging, so just keep that in mind the next time you allow THAT picture to be taken.

The true test of friendship


Last week I asked my readers in THIS POST to submit their questions/ideas for different relationships columns on THIS contact form so I could start a weekly relationships column. I actually got one! I was super excited when I saw it, so thank you. I’ll let you continue to be anonymous unless you wish to make yourself known, but thank you :-)

So what was their idea, you ask? The difference between best friends and fair weather friends, or people who only want to be around when life is good for you. The minute you run into trouble, they scamper for the door faster than a Kardashian after her next paycheck.

For me, a best friend is exactly that, someone who sticks around when life isn’t perfect. For example, a few years ago, my dad got really sick. Most of my friends bailed, but my core group from high school made sure to take care of me while I was focused on taking care of my dad. They called almost daily, dragged me out of the house on the days that he didn’t have chemo, and would answer the phone when I would call them in tears at 3am, terrified that my dad wasn’t going to make it. He pulled through, by the way.

Shortly after that, four of them lost their dads, three of them suddenly and rather unexepectedly. These were men that I spent a lot of time around, men that had taken care of me when I wasn’t capable of taking care of myself. Even though they weren’t my dad, they were an integral part of my life, and it broke my heart to know they were gone. I did my best to make sure I was there for my friends, just like they were there for me.

Best friends take care of one another, and even though they may not talk everyday, they can pick back up where they left off, and its like you were talking just yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, fair weather friends have a purpose in our lives. They are there for a reason, if only to help us realize the transient and fickle nature of human beings. They make us stronger by forcing us to rely on our own strength and the strength of those who do stick around when life isn’t all sunshine and roses.

As always, if you have a relationship question you would like for me to answer, feel free to submit it HERE. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship question, just please stick to relationships if at all possible. Ideas are welcome as well. If you could, please tell me if I can identify you in the column or if you would prefer to stay anonymous. Either way, I’ll answer a question next Wednesday!

What’s next?


Well, today is the last day of the zero to hero challenge. *cue sad face here* Today’s challenge is to plan for the next 30 days, find your blogging strengths, and capitalize on them. In a phrase, figure out what works and stick to it. The problem? I have no idea what works. Most of the posts I’ve done have been rather introspective and personal in nature, and the few that are not along those lines are about politics, so I have no idea what I want to do beyond the relationship column on Wednesday’s. I’ve been tossing around the idea of music Monday’s and foodie Friday’s but, I haven’t really thought them through.

I guess we’ll see, right?

All’s Fair…


Today’s challenge in zero to hero is to create a regular feature on your blog with a semi regular posting schedule. I’ve actually been thinking about doing a relationship column after I was done with this challenge, and since today’s post is the next to last day of the challenge, it seemed liked a really good idea to introduce it today. The tough part is choosing how often to post, and what type of column I’d like to do. In the past, I’d chosen topics based on what I thought people might be interested in reading, and it was kind of hit or miss. I just don’t have the readership to have it be based of what people ask me to write about either, so I think my best bet is a hybrid. If I get a topic and/or question on THIS PAGE, I’ll write about that. If not, I’ll choose a topic of interest to me and go from there.

The other concern I have is burn out and running out of ideas, so I don’t want to do it too often and run out of steam before I ever get it off the ground. The last time I did a column like this, I was posting three times a week, and I got really bored doing it. I also ran out of material in like three months. So I am thinking once a week on Wednesday’s, which is usually when I hit my mid-week I don’t want to do anything but sit and veg on the couch while Joe plays video games. Knowing that someone is expecting the post will keep me motivated to post, even on the nights I don’t feel like doing anything.

So do your girl a favor, and head on over HERE to give me some column ideas. I have experience across a broad range of relationships, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship topic/question, so feel free to ask me just about anything.