With so many voices telling us our words don’t matter, I’m here to tell you they do.


What do I want my readers to take away from my blog?

a. A new perspective on things they’ve probably thought of before.

b. A feeling of community, like they aren’t alone in this world.

Words to describe me:

book lover, occasional movie nerd, introvert, lover, fighter, non-domestic diva, occasional baker

Words to describe my blog:

journal, my stage, a place to gather my thoughts on the topics of the day, a place to display my passions

Important events in my life:

meeting Joe, getting engaged to Joe, adopting Harley, adopting Snickers, finding out I had sisters, battling addiction, overcoming addiction, buying our first house, admitting I had bipolar disorder.

How all of that comes together:

I use my blog as a journal of sorts because of my introverted nature, and to make sure I don’t fall into the trap that is my brain again. I liken my blog to a stage as well so I can display the things I am passionate about without feeling like my voice doesn’t matter. Meeting and eventually marrying Joe has made me realize that no drug can ever make me feel as validated as he does. Being “human mom” to Harley and Snickers has made me realize how much others rely on me. My hobbies help me feel normal, especially when my brain is trying to make me feel anything but. I get lost in books and movies so I don’t spend all my time in my own brain, which is a scary place to be sometimes.

Why I’m Here:

I’m here to make you, my readers, realize you ARE important, and that you DO matter. You have worth, as a human being, as a member of this planet. And occasionally I need to remind myself as well.

10 thoughts on “With so many voices telling us our words don’t matter, I’m here to tell you they do.

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